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Why Helmi Edunation? Because student is an asset

If you are interested of getting the full potential of your learning institution, reducing unnecessary bureaucracy and giving that extra push of motivation for your teachers and students, then HELMI it is! We bring you the system that has been, and still is, an important pillar for building the Finnish world-leading education status (OECD PISA standings 2003, 2006, 2011). We acknowledge the major change in the public administration software systems and thus are happy to provide you the right tool for better education. From schooling world personnel to another, we present Helmi Edunation.


Get a valuable tool to develop the outcome of your learning institution

Bring all actors of society together with one and easy-to-use schooling system

Take the opportunity to standardize and measure student data nationwide

Make students get a kick from schooling systems

What is Helmi Edunation? Tools for better learning

Why does it matter?


The newest and proven education technology is soon outdated?

Our ever-hungry development and support team will work with you so that the challenges of today and tomorrow are met.

Children use tablets, smartphones and other devices today…

No worries! Our system is compatible with all devices. We also made Helmi Edunation run on cloud-based system (SaaS), so it is even more reliable and mobile.


We have a ready-made concept with excellent usability from governmental level to students and parents at home. There are already 1 million satisfied end-users, which means we must have done something right.


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How it is done?

Off-the shelf service with success driven attitude

We are a team of Finnish experts who have gained a comprehensive and vast experience of solving problems and challenges with IT-systems in school environment, for over a decade now. We work closely together with accordant authorities and learning institutions to achieve the best possible outcome!

Additionally, we create long-term co-operation with local organizations to ensure the locality of system usage and support. Continuous and intensive development work together with school staff, parents, students at home and government officials has proven successful and has led to great results in education.

What others say about it

  • All steps of educational planning need information – both quantitative and qualitative. Hence, information systems have to be user-friendly and ensure proper collection, organization storage, dissemination, and transmission of data.

  • The main benefit from using Helmi Edunation was having a tool to inform local decision-makers of the education level, identifying issues and providing important information for education planning. Additionally the communications between home and school improved substantially which helped us to secure better school environment for students of all ages.

    Kirkkonummi municipality www.kirkkonummi.fi

Where do you find us?

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  • Address: Boulevard Plaza Tower One, Emaar Boulevard P.O. Box 334155
  • Phone: +971 50 137 7054
  • Email: info@helmiedunation.com


  • Address: Tamouh Tower 12 Marina Square, Reem Island, P.O. Box 111949
  • Phone: +971 50 137 7054
  • Email: info@helmiedunation.com